Dutch Lions

Where there is unity there is always victory



It seems as if the world is turned upside down, as if the ‘old normal’ is miles behind us, far beyond our reach. As if reality begins to look more and more like fiction and by now you do not know what is true and what is not. And meanwhile the little voice in your head starts shouting louder and louder: it doesn’t add up!

More and more people are realizing that Covid, the attack on our farmers, the energy crisis, etc. etc. are not stand-alone crises, but part of a globalist and multi-headed monster wrapped up in the form of the Great Reset. That our government leaders are not serving their people, but working at the behest of the globalists.

In rolling out their plans, globalists like to use their favorite and already proven war strategy: divide and rule. Through the mainstream media they try to spread as much fear as possible and to set people against each other. Their biggest fear is that we will unite and stand up against them together. Because they know: ‘where there is unity, there is always victory.

Dutch Lions United is a network of Dutch and international organizations and we need you. Every voice, every action counts. Together we can defeat the multi-headed globalist monster by overcoming our differences and using everyone’s strength. So join the Dutch Lions United now and get ready for the greatest victory ever

“Where there is Unitiy, there is always victory”

There are plenty of powerful and brave Dutch lions who have united to fight one or more aspects of the multi-headed monster locally, regionally or nationally. Many groups already exist with their own unique vision, strategy, approach and strength. But often these groups are unaware of each other’s activities or existence. Or the differences between them sometimes seem too great to join forces.

Imagine what we are capable of if all these powerful lion groups know how to find each other and support each other. And then not just nationally but globally….


Dutch Lions are proud, hopeful, determined and strong.
Where they sow fear, we sow hope.
Where they create division, we create unity.
Where they try to impose coercion, we say no!
Where they try to take away our freedoms and future, we create a better world where everyone is free.

Dutch Lions United, all Dutch Lions connected to each other and to the rest of the world:
their greatest fear and our ticket to victory.


We believe in the power of collaboration. Dutch Lions United is a network of national and international organizations. By informing, inspiring and supporting each other, together we can turn the tide and thereby create a positive future.

Dutch Lions United are here to help. To build bridges both nationally and internationally. To be the grease in the wheels where needed. We are not here to take over anything or to tell you how you should or should not do something. Partners who work with us are completely independent and have no obligation to us. We are only here to help because we believe in the power of collaboration.

These are exciting times in which we need to move quickly, especially as the globalist agenda is being rolled out at a rapid pace. Dutch Lions United is here to ensure, among other things, that partners:

  • can make use of the many national and international news channels to share their news items, campaigns/actions/activities with as many people as possible.
  • have access to information, inspiration and expertise from others so that they do not have to ‘reinvent the wheel’ and can even collaborate in various areas.
  • be able to call on the creativity and experience of other (international) groups with regard to effective campaigns/actions/activities and perhaps develop something together.

These are also exciting and hopeful times in which we can witness that more and more people are not being manipulated by fear and division but choose for love and connection.

Our network includes prominent doctors, freedom fighters and international politicians such as, for example: General Flynn, Jeff Brain (CEO Clouthub), Kevin Sorbo (American actor) and Patrick Byrne (American businessman) who expressed their support and appreciation for our brave farmers through video messages during our July 23, 2022 Amsterdam rally. In addition, we are also an official partner of the Global Walkout, an initiative of Reignite World Freedom where we stand up at the same time worldwide and say, I’m not participating anymore! In addition, we are also an official partner of the Global Walkout, an initiative of Reignite World Freedom where we stand up at the same time worldwide and say, I’m not participating anymore!

Leading international doctors, political leaders, freedom fighters, influencers etc.

International organizations from US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, Italy, England among others

Dutch partners: freedom groups, farmers, doctors, news channels, influencers etc.