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International support for our Dutch Farmers

That the support for our Dutch farmers is immense and widespread became definitely clear on July 23, 2022. During the rally in Amsterdam, many were pleasantly surprised by the video messages from General Flynn, Patrick Byrne, Kevin Sorbo and Jeff Brain, among others, expressing their support and appreciation for our farmers. In addition, on that day rallies were organized in Canada, the US and Australia where people took to the streets to show their support for the Dutch farmers: the world was going Dutch!

General Flynn

Patrick Byrne

Kevin Sorbo

Jeff Brain

Christine Anderson

Monica & Jan Smit

Bethan Nodwell & Nynke Koopmans

Monica & Jan Smit

Dutch Lions Rise up

The world is going Dutch

Global Walkout

Global Walk Out start op 4 september

Global Walk Out is coming

Global Walk Out step 1

Global Walk Out step 2

Global Walk Out step 3

Global Walk Out step 4

Global Walk Out step 5

Global Walk Out step 6

Global Walk Out step 7

Global Walk Out step 8

Global Walk Out step 9

Overall video’s

We are many, they are few

A call out to Dutch veterans

Flyers that you can download and print or use on your social media

Not our fault

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Stop the unelected WEF now

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Elephant in the newsroom

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