“Unity Makes Power”

Dutch partners


Cattle farmers and crop farmers have jointly founded BoerenNL. This collaboration aims to show advocates, politicians and other parties involved in agriculture, such as banks and appraisers, the power of the farmer.

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Samen voor Nederland

‘Samen voor Nederland’ (Together for the Netherlands) is a partnership of several parties. We fight against the increasing meddlesomeness and regulatory pressure of the government and against globalization and commit ourselves to a better society where humanity is central.

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Dutch truckers who follow the example of Canadian truckers fighting for freedom.

They stand side by side with our farmers and never give up!

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We are fighting to preserve a democratic state based on the rule of law in which our children also still have the opportunity to develop freely and to live a life with their own convictions and opinions. These freedoms and fundamental rights have been increasingly compromised over the past decade.

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Cafe Weltschmerz

The conversation as a source for change.

Café Weltschmerz believes in the power of conversation and broadcasts interviews on current social issues.
We use citizen journalism as a tool for change.

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Dutch Child Center

Organization for children with out-of-home placements, for their parents and families. Thousands of children in harm’s way, hundreds of children and parents have LOST each other. The so called children’s court does not do truth telling, does NOT work with a legal, convincing evidence, but based on assumptions, suspicions. This is inhuman

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Forum voor Democratie

Forum for Democracy wants to change the Netherlands in a fundamental way. We want to create a broad social movement that is not only politically active – but also branches out throughout society.

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QTime network

Content creator and Dutch freedom fighter. Many times suspended on twitter since 2017 and retweeted by Donald J. Trump. Contributor of “ We The Media “ (Telegram) and Truth Social freedom fighters.

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Martha Krul

Daily real news on Shumann resonance, spirituality, politics and world news.

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Walk a silent mile

Walk a silent mile is a network of citizens who organize silent walks on Sundays to talk about what is going on in society.

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Roberto Coppens

Roberto Coppens. Dutch dancer & free lawyer. Also known for his YouTube channel and involvement with: ‘vereniging ons recht’, ‘vrijheidsrechten.nl’ and in cooperation with ‘burgerfront’.

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I write to get rid of it. I write to discharge myself. I write because I think my opinion is important, like any opinion. I write because I don’t want to hide my opinion. I write because I can. I write because I have that freedom. But most of all, I write because I enjoy it.

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LNN Media

LNN media is a media company born in 2020 from citizen initiative, dedicated to exposing and debunking the lying and heartless practices of governments and their media. Besides bringing the truth into the light, they are committed to connecting freedom loving people, groups and initiatives, nationally and internationally. ‘LNN media, Let’s Make Love Great Again’…

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Convex Kafka

Convex Kafka is an activist, rapper & opinion leader in addition to being a father and husband. Many know him for his songs “kom in opstand” (revolt) part 1 & 2. Since the deception of the pandemic became visible, he has been fully committed to supporting the resistance. He envisions a free world for his children & grandchildren.

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International partners


The mission of Reignite World Freedom is to implement global, unified and strategic pushback against the globalist agenda and ensure that we maintain our individual and collective freedom

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Take Action Canada is concerned about the legal, economic and physical violations imposed since March 2020 and aims to empower Canadians to take back their lives through education and action.

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“Freedom Fighters Canada stands up for the rights and freedoms of all Canadians. Our goal is to end government overshoot, protect the freedoms our forefathers fought for, and allow our citizens to live in freedom and glory.”

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Save Canada


Save Canada is an organization with a mission to create the most prosperous and free Canada.

“We would like to see Canada become a free republic, where the government is small and the people are prosperous.”

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Women Fighting For America

Women Fighting For America is a women’s movement dedicated to educating women about the different visions for America. We support and defend our freedom and a vision of America where everyone can pursue the American dream.

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We stand America

The TAKE ACTION TOUR is on a mission to restore the POWER of people. We adhere to five key Homeland Security pillars: Border Law Enforcement,
Election Integrity, Constitutional Understanding, Education Restoration and Biblical Citizenship.

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Real not rare

“Our government asked us to do our part to stop the virus. We thought we were doing the right thing. Now we are injured, in pain and losing our jobs. We demand that our government do the right thing by recognizing our injuries and establishing compensation for the tens of thousands injured and dead.”

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Sorry i got Vaxxed

The fact is that no vaccine in Canada has been shown to be safe and effective. But it has been shown to contain ingredients that cause harm and are deadly, and that many Canadian families have suffered enormous losses due to death and chronic illness, a secret that is not talked about.

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We the media

Telegram channel in which a number of major social media accounts (almost all censored on Twitter, among others) deliver uncensored news daily.

Real News: For The People By The People.

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CloutHub is a non-biased social network for people engaged in meaningful civic, social and political issues, causes & campaigns they care about.

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Canadian podcast with Jody Ledgerwood & Cris Vleck discussing their views on politics, law, medical issues and current topics with occasional glimpses down the proverbial rabbit hole.

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Veterans for freedom

To rally Canadian Armed Forces veterans across Canada by mobilizing and sustaining lawful civic action in order to restore the fundamental rights and freedoms of Canadians.

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Veterans For America First

America is in a state of crisis. Everyone can feel it and see it as the country grows weaker economically, socially, militarily, and spiritually. The Military Veterans who founded VFAF believe it is our mission to save and revitalize our sick nation. To accomplish this, we created this civil liberties organization.

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Restore Liberty

Restore Liberty is committed to restoring the original intent of the United States. It is based on the ideas found within the Declaration of Constitutional Consent, which reestablishes the relationship between the free citizens of the States and the central government, denouncing the usurpations of their consent by the latter.

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North American Unity Tour

We are a grassroots group of Patriots that want to see Canadians and Americans united in the fight against government tyranny. This group will be used to join like minded Patriots together throughout the summer of 2022.

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The Keystone Channel

The Keystone Channel stands for bringing together international networks on various topics of: Truth movement, Healing & Health, Politics and Spiritual. The key word is unity in the great awakening, gathering knowledge and broadcasting on these different topics through interviews. A gathering of all the different facets of the great awakening.

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Dutch Lions United are here to help. To build bridges both nationally and internationally. To be the grease in the wheels where needed. We are not here to take over anything or to tell you how you should or should not do something. Partners who work with us are completely independent and have no obligation to us. This also means that we are not liable for statements and/or actions of our partners that were not initiated by Dutch Lions.