The power
of 12

“Local action, will have national impact”


We believe in the power of connection. Especially in these bizarre and uncertain times, there is a growing need to inform, inspire and support each other. All over the world we see groups emerging of like-minded people connecting with each other to start joint initiatives. Perhaps you also feel the need to help build a new society where you can live autonomously, in freedom and in love. But how do you know what groups or initiatives you can join in your own region or province?

How beautiful would it be if there were an overview per province where you could find information about existing initiatives or to make your own initiative known? And how nice would it be if each province had a team of connectors (who are aware of all local initiatives) so that provincial teams can inform and inspire each other nationally and not everyone has to ‘reinvent the wheel’? That we can organize national meetings and actions based on general themes such as education, self-sufficient living, etc.? And that in doing so we use the power of connecting and the Power of 12!

Will you help build a new society?

We are currently mapping what groups and initiatives already exist in the 12 provinces. This way people can see what initiatives exist in their own region so they can join them and offer their talents and expertise. Would you like to help us map the initiatives in your region/province? Then check your province’s page and report to us the initiatives you are still missing in your region at

We are also looking for regional/provincial connectors, people who believe in the power of connecting and with whom we can shape ‘the Power of 12’. Are you or do you know a typical connector in your region? Let us know.

The power of 12

With “the Power of 12,” we want to connect groups/initiatives at the municipal, provincial and national levels. The ultimate goal is for this network to connect on an international level as well.

What is the idea behind the Power of 12?

Every province has initiatives and groups that are building a new society. In the areas of food, education, self-sufficient living, spirituality, there are a huge number of initiatives that you can join.

On this page you will find an overview of these projects per (Dutch) province. Will you help complete the overview?

The ultimate goal is to put together a team of connectors per province. This provincial team is aware of all the groups and initiatives in their province. Periodically they will come together with all the other teams in the Netherlands in The Power of 12, to inform each other, inspire each other and where possible cooperate or start new initiatives. The Kracht van 12 can thus make a national impact by connecting groups, informing and sharing knowledge.

The idea of the Power of 12 is based on the wonderful example of FNET. A network from Friesland that has already mapped many of the initiatives in the province. Take a look at their website for inspiration. The intention is that the province pages will eventually be filled with projects and initiatives. Want to know what information is needed or already available in your province? Then click on the relevant province link.

Send your additions to Thank you for connecting!